We understand that people engage the services of a psychologist for many reasons, and that the decision to do so is sometimes difficult. Whatever the reason, people generally make appointments with psychologists to discuss things that matter to them.

For these reasons, the process of making an appointment should be handled with care and understanding. Psychologists are generally in the business of effective interactions, and we believe the service needs to be competently provided at every stage of the service, from its reception services to the consultation room.

We recommend considering these options when choosing your counsellor: 

  • Their qualifications and professional association memberships - qualifications provide some measure of the level and type of training that a practitioner brings, while for psychologists, registration with the Psychologists Registration Board ensures a minimum level of training
  • Experience and specialisations or interests - you may want to consider whether a specialisation is associated with specific training and the recognition that the specialist training has in the field
  • The 'mood' or 'attitude' of the clinic or service - often, the way your enquiries are handled can be a fair reflection of the standard of service you might expect to receive
  • The quality of information you receive about what the treatment will involve, how many sessions it could take, and how the presenting issue is seen or understood by the approach being used.

Davellen also auspices and supervises the work of the Bendigo Professional Counselling Group (BPCG), established in 1992. This group is run by volunteer graduates from Ampersand Australia's diploma programs and offers an ongoing community counselling service to those who may not otherwise be able to afford such professional assistance. This service was established in 1992. Please contact our office for more information on this community service.