About us


Established by David Johnson and Ellen Johnson Brown as Davellen & Associates in Bendigo in 1987, Davellen Consulting was one of the first locally-based psychological practices offered to the central Victorian community.


Our approach to counselling goes beyond listening respectfully - we emphasise empowerment through enhancing personal awareness and targeted skills. With our clients, we open conversations that generate possibilities and purpose. We place less emphasis on focusing on and analysing the problem, preferring rather to co-create and co-discover ways forward with our clients. While we will need to get some idea and history of the difficulty, our work will generally use a positive, action-based and future-oriented focus.


As our primary therapeutic mode, the solution oriented / cognitive behaviour therapy approach has been evolving in Australia, the USA and Europe for over 20 years. Some of the characteristics and values that underpin this approach include: 

  • a positive approach that focuses on what can be done
  • an approach where therapy is designed around the specific needs of each client
  • an approach where the client and the therapist work as a team, focussing on resolving the issue and moving forward
  • a modern approach that produces more powerful, effective, efficient and often more rapid results than many other therapeutic styles
  • an approach that places emphasis on empowering clients to become clearer, more independent, more resourceful, and to gain a wider more productive range of skills.


What if ... all the solutions and new directions you ever found were somehow discovered in conversations? Imagine that.

That's the work we do.