Life and Personal Coaching

It has been suggested that coaching dates back to a time when coaches were a means of transport, and when travelling was often a long, arduous and effortful undertaking. The coach was designed to get the traveller to their destination as comfortably as possible. The metaphor of 'life coaching' reflects the modern day coach assisting a client to go from A to B with comfort and speed.


Life or personal coaching is similar to solution-based counselling and is characterised by:

  • Tending to be a brief intervention
  • Focusing on the generation of a future via change through action
  • Assisting clients to discover/clarify their goals and their relevant resources
  • Supporting clients to discover what they are doing that they want to do differently
  • Assisting clients to discover what they are already doing that is useful
  • Assisting clients to discover what they could be doing more of that would assist the goals of the process and their personal agenda.

As such, the process aims to be brief, practical, empowering, generative and action-based.


The 'coaching conversation' is highly specialised and aims to provide clients with a springboard into a journey they are seeking. With a constant focus on the client's goals, the coaching intervention does not have a designated number of sessions or time frame. It will end when the client feels able to complete their journey without the support and skills of coach.


Significantly, a good coach will hone and use the skills, qualities, views, resources and expertise that a client brings to the conversation.



Imagine where you like to be in five years' time. What you would like to be doing? How you would like to be in the world? Imagine that. Imagine having a conversation that would help map out the steps.


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