Solution Oriented Counselling

We find that most people who seek our help are more interested in 'feeling better' and 'moving on' from their presenting issue(s) than spending a considerable amount of time (and money) focussing on their problem.


A Solution Orientated Approach (SOA) is our preferred approach with such clients as it enhances conversations that develop and explore future possibilities and the development of solutions, rather than seeking explanations anchored in the past.


A SOA could be described as being apart of the third generation of therapeutic approaches. The first wave or traditional therapies (such as psychoanalysis and psychodynamic approaches) that emerged during the late 19th century and the early 1900s are strongly anchored in the developing an understanding of the clients past, where the therapist assumes the role of 'the expert' in the relationship.


In the 1960s, alternate approaches emerged including behaviour therapy, ego psychology, client centred therapy, family therapy, gestalt therapy, where emphasis is placed on the clients 'present' experience. These approaches are often referred to as 'here and now' therapies. With these approaches, the therapist works with the client through processes of self discovery, enhancing their options through the development of greater personal awareness.


A further shift occurred during the 1980s and continues to evolve, in which focus is placed on the future. As such, the SOA enhances conversations that develop and explore present and future possibilities, fostering the development of solutions rather than seeking explanations.



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