Voice Dialogue

Based on the well-respected life work of Doctors Hal and Sidra Stone, the Voice Dialogue process is a delightful and uplifting way to give a voice to the different parts of yourself which may be in conflict.


When you say something like 'one part of me agrees and the other part of me is scared', then Voice Dialogue is an ideal method to tease out the different views and give each aspect a legitimate 'voice'. This respects all aspects of yourself and allows for the less powerful or less popular parts of ourselves to feel heard, understood and to participate in dialogue with other held values and points of view.


Voice Dialogue supports personal growth and relationships. It is a powerful tool to assist in meditation and mindfulness practice and is appreciated by those who value self-reliance and self-direction in therapy. For example, it is useful for couples who want to make their relationship a place for personal growth and want to strengthen their love and understanding without losing themselves in the process.


Voice Dialogue is also an excellent way to enhance workplace relationships, particularly in dynamic highly functioning organisations.