Grief and Loss

The experience of significant losses during our life is part of being human - it comes to us all.


Grief is a term that describes the emotional reaction we experience to any loss that is painful. While it is usually associated with the death of a loved one, grief can also be experienced during the loss of a job, home, relationship, or pet. But we must always remember that grief is very much an individual experience.


Grieving can be seen to be a process - and in this way can involve different stages that represent the expression and maturation of the process. A person's reactions to grief can be many and varied often involving symptoms affecting their physical, social, emotional and spiritual experience.


While grieving is a different experience for each of us, many people tend to report symptoms that may include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Tightness in the throat and chest
  • Feelings of confusion
  • Deep and ongoing sadness
  • Feelings of anger and rage
  • Resentfulness towards the deceased
  • Deep feelings of aloneness
  • Tiredness.

In our experience, a greater understanding of the grieving process can often be the most helpful intervention, providing a way for the client to move through their experience with greater acceptance and acknowledgement.


Where symptoms continue to interrupt or get in the way of someone living their life productively, then additional and more focussed treatments can be offered.


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Our approach


Listed alphabetically, our approach to supporting people through grief includes:



Relaxation and Meditation

Solution Oriented Counselling


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