Post-Natal Depression

Our clinic offers support and information for parents affected by anxiety or depression during pregnancy and in the two years following childbirth. Pre-pregnancy counselling is also valuable for those women who are worried about becoming pregnant or the possibility of suffering from post-natal depression.


We assist families in their journey through parenthood where they experience joy, love and a sense of achievement and where each mother can choose her own personal style of mothering with confidence in her unique capacity. We acknowledge for one in every seven women (and their families) this journey may be side-tracked by negative moods, exhaustion, loss of confidence and depression. Often self-doubt and perfectionism join forces and wreck a potentially satisfying experience.


Working with her GP or specialist, we can help a woman identify the situation and provide psychological support and strategies to assist women in finding the right balance for herself and her family and to identify and release any old emotional blocks to present happiness.


With the benefit of the right psychological support at the right time a new family should expect:

  • Enhanced social and emotional well-being during these early years and beyond
  • Support for parents in their relationships with each other and their families
  • Increase parenting satisfaction and coping skills.


Our approach


Listed alphabetically, our approach to treating post-natal depression includes:


Antenatal and post-natal anxiety and depression therapeutic group

Counselling, support and information

Relaxation and Meditation

Solution Oriented Counselling


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