Ways we work

Primary therapeutic mode


As our primary therapeutic mode, the Solution Oriented / Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach has been evolving in Australia, the USA and Europe for over 20 years. It represents a contemporary, comprehensive response to the increasing demand for evidence-based practice that produces efficient, positive outcomes.

Our approach to counselling goes beyond listening respectfully. Rather, we emphasise empowerment through enhancing personal awareness and targeted skills. With a focus on personal accountability, this makes it a particularly efficient and cost-effective approach. With the client, we design behavioural and cognitive strategies to improve motivation, clarity, personal responsibility, sense of purpose and direction, and the development of problem solving skills.


We also incorporate mindfulness in our therapy, to provide powerful evidence-based interventions that have proven particularly beneficial for chronic anxiety and depression, pain management and other recurrent disturbances.

Our commitment to continuous improvement leads us to develop individual and group treatment options to best suit our clients' needs.



A tailored approach for each client


We believe that any therapy should be relevant to each individual client. This may sound obvious, but it means that we will design change with each client, with the aim of working together as a team to address the issue and identify steps for its resolution.


By clarifying and exploring relevant treatment options with our clients, more informed goals can emerge and strategies can be co-designed with the therapist. In this way, a 'theory' and method of treatment will evolve that is relevant to each particular client, their particular situation and history.

You may be interested to read about some of the modalities and services we offer. Please use the sub-menu to select each approach, listed alphabetically.



What if ... a skillful, professional conversation served as the first step to you becoming more confident, clear and purposeful? Imagine that.


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