What we treat

In true 'country practice' tradition, especially as we developed during times when there were few services in the region, we have sound experience and expertise in treating a wide range of presenting issues and conditions.


Although we see ourselves as a general practice capable of responding to most client needs, our regular work with trauma victims, emergency service personnel and general critical incident debriefing has focused on the treatment of trauma, the range of anxieties including panic and phobias, depression, pain management, and substance or alcohol abuse.


In addition to our counselling work, our expertise is supported by an extensive array of equipment to support the modern biofeedback and neuro-feedback modalities. While these technologies can be applied to many requirements, we mainly use them as a natural means to treat children (and adults) with diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as obsessive compulsive symptoms, epilepsy, and the range of anxiety and depression-related conditions.


You may be interested in how we approach major issues that we treat in our practice. Because each person and situation is different, this information is provided for your interest only and should not be seen as individual, professional advice.


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